Sol One Productions presents

Screening of Twelve Tales

Twelve Tales

12 Short Films from Ben Bergeron & Colin Ziraldo

Saturday April 13 at 3:00pm
Mayfair Theatre
1074 Bank St, Ottawa

Twelve Tales is an anthology feature film created by Ben Bergeron & Colin Ziraldo. Over the course of one year, the two young filmmakers joined forces with a variety of other creatives, including actors, writers, guest directors and technical crew, to create 1 short film every month to be collected in the anthology. The films range a variety of tones, genres and styles, including Science Fiction, Horror, Comedy, and Coming-of-Age.

Ben & Colin's skills and expertise improved exponentially throughout the year, as they learned more and more with each short film project, which they managed to pull off around the schedules of their full time job's running Hot Shoe Productions. 

Watch the first trailer

Watch the second trailer

Meet the Filmmakers

Ben Bergeron

Ben Bergeron is the Director and Co-Producer of the Twelve Tales project, he is an independent filmmaker who works primarily as a writer, director and editor.  Ben is a passionate and emotionally driven storyteller who uses both creative and technical skills to execute stories in a variety of genres. 

Colin Ziraldo

Colin Ziraldo is the Cinematographer and Co-Producer of the Twelve Tales project.Balancing creativity and technical prowess, Colin plays a key role in translating the director's vision into reality. Colin not only assumes the roles of co-producer and cinematographer but also contributes his technical expertise as a post-producer, rendering him an indispensable asset to any creative endeavour.

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