Our Artists

Stephanie Andrews

Graphic Designer 

Stephanie Andrews is a graphic designer and illustrator based in the GTA. A Queen's University drama graduate, she spent eight years in Kyushu, Japan, where she discovered her passion for digital illustration and developed her skills as a self-taught artist. Now back in Canada, Stephanie is excited to bring her unique artistic perspective to Sol One Arts

Zach Porter

Strange New Works

Zach embarked on his journey through the arts at the tender age of five when he was given the gift of piano lessons. He has worn several hats: From local post-production projects in indie film, animation and interactive media, to live and studio music productions with artists throughout Canada.

Zach is a strong advocate for representation in the arts and is always looking for innovative ways of including more voices, cameras and brushes. Zach is a creative entrepreneur at heart and has always been a self-starter; his passion for the esoteric, the bleeding edge of the “weird and wonderful”, are what keep him engaged and excited for what is to come next in the local art scene.

Somya Goomer

Strange New Works

Somya has experience in many mediums of performance and production such as theater, film, and music! Somya centers much of her time around music production and branding herself as an artist. What excites her the most about Strange New Works is getting the opportunity to combine all mediums of art in a single production, with no holding back; the performance and production can be as weird and nonsensical as it calls for, allowing for people to see a work that is both ‘strange and new’

At Somya’s core, creativity, uniqueness and oddity is something that she really values, alongside showcasing an audio/visual cinematic experience for folks. She cannot be more thrilled to induce her secret sauce.

Ben Bergeron

48 Hour Film Project

Ben Bergeron was the Director and Co-Producer of the Twelve Tales project and is now a project lead on the 48 Hour Film Project.

Ben is an independent filmmaker who works primarily as a writer, director and editor.  Ben is a passionate and emotionally driven storyteller who uses both creative and technical skills to execute stories in a variety of genres. 

Colin Ziraldo

48 Hour Film Project

Colin Ziraldo is the Cinematographer and Co-Producer of the Twelve Tales project and a project lead on the 48 Hour Film Project. 

Balancing creativity and technical prowess, Colin plays a key role in translating the director's vision into reality. Colin not only assumes the roles of co-producer and cinematographer but also contributes his technical expertise as a post-producer, rendering him an indispensable asset to any creative endeavour.